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Katia Loisel is a sought after media commentator and spokesperson for all things connection, body language, non-verbal communication, dating and relationships. A regular on TV screens, radio and in print, she has been interviewed over 1,000 times by media here and abroad. Her vivacious personality and spot on analysis has made her a hit with audiences and the media alike.

Katia Loisel’s TV Appearances

A regular on TV screens Katia has appeared on Daily Mail TV in New York, The Morning Show, Daily Edition, Sunrise and ABC to name a few. She is also the host and producer of two documentaries currently in production; Random Acts of Kindness and French Kiss: The Art and Science of Kissing.

Body Language Articles

Katia has analysed the body language of countless celebrities, politicians and media personalities. She is is often called on to decode body language, facial expressions, micro-expressions and signs of deceit.

Love, Dating and Relationship Articles

Here are a sample of Katia’s articles on everything love, dating, relationships and kissing. In addition to commenting for print magazines, newspapers and online, Katia has also written monthly columns for publications including Women’s Health and Fitness and FHM magazine.

MX Column – Celebrity Body Language Analysis

Katia wrote a celebrity body language column for MX Newspaper, providing a detailed body language analysis of celebrities including Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, and Cameron Diaz.