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Before you’ve said your first word your body has sent a very clear message about who you are and how you feel. That message is largely silent, communicated nonverbally through your body language, facial expressions, micro-expressions and paralanguage.

These powerful nonverbal signals lie at the heart of connection, and have the power to either build trust, rapport and influence…or destroy it. It is through these non-verbal cues that we form snap judgements about the world around us and the people in it. Judgements that subconsciously influence who we trust and respect, and who we don’t.

Our nonverbal communication doesn’t just affect how others see us. Our body language, facial expressions and paralanguage (or how we speak) also enable us to better understand and empathise with others. Allowing us to truly connect and form deep bonds, providing a powerful insight into how others feel, and their intentions.

How Katia helps people to connect, engage, motivate and convert

We are born with an innate ability to read nonverbal communication and body language. It’s our first language, and yet it’s a skill that many people have lost touch with.

A dynamic speaker and coach, connection specialist and body language expert Katia Loisel helps people to truly connect, both with themselves and others. Training people to communicate confidently, speak with presence and influence, and understand and decipher body language, facial expressions, micro expressions and paralanguage.

A certified trainer and assessor Katia has conducted over a hundred programs and keynotes, delighting, educating and energising audiences. Whether it’s from 5 attendees or 5,000, Katia creates fun and memorable events and programs that have everyone talking. These interactive, high-energy programs and keynotes are tailored to your specific needs and provide instantly actionable skills.

Experience how mastering body language and nonverbal communication can positively enhance all areas of your life and business.

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Katia’s Most Popular Speaking and Coaching Topics:

  • Mastering Nonverbal Intelligence: Decoding body language, facial expressions and micro-expressions
  • Success Signals: Mastering body language in business
  • Connection: The antidote to loneliness
  • Body Honesty: Detecting lies and deception
  • First Impressions and Body Language
  • Body Language in Customer Service: Improving customer and employee satisfaction, retention and sales
  • Job Interviewing and Interpersonal Skills
  • Decoding Love Signals: The body language of love and attraction

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What people are saying about Katia

Katia is a relationships genius...simply the best specialist co-host I have ever worked with, and when you are as old as me, you've worked with plenty.

Andy GraceHost, Gold 104.3FM

Out-of-control amazing. I keep reading what you’ve said, and flicking back to check out the photos, and it’s like a light bulb goes off in my head.

Genevieve RotaDeputy Editor, CLEO

Outstanding media talent...incredible ability to stay on message and maintain a fantastic presence on camera.

Nina SerovaCube PR, Telfast® Media Campaign

Our love minx Katia Loisel knows everything there is to know about dating and relationships.

Will JohnstoneClassic Hits

I’m talking body language like it’s my mother tongue.

Lawrence MooneyTV Personality, 9 Network

Both professional and effervescent with so much energy it is contagious...a real asset to our breakfast show.

Jacqui Van BuurenBreakfast Host, Classic Hits Northland

What great energy, the participants were absolutely captivated.

ErinACP, Thirty Days of Health and Wellbeing

Katia is an incredible force disrupting everything we know about media through the powerful message of love and kindness.

Jaclyn LindseyCEO,

One of the best spokespeople we have worked with. An absolute pleasure.

Nina SerovaCube PR, Telfast Media Campaign

A dynamo of energy, intelligence, and leadership. We need more leaders like her!

Brian MahoneyCEO, Trender Research; President, OTT Executive Summit & Magazine, New York

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Our bodies send out over 10,000 stimuli during every interaction that reveal what we are really thinking and feeling. What is your nonverbal communication saying?

Get the nonverbal advantage and experience how nonverbal intelligence can improve your performance, understanding, and ability to connect, engage and influence.

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