What makes someone truly kissable? Here are my 11 tips to help you become irresistibly kissable, most of which have nothing to do with kissing.

11 Tips to Help you Become Irresistibly Kissable

Remember that Confidence is Attractive

My first tip is to remember that confidence is attractive. The more confident you are, the open, interested, attractive and enthusiastic you’ll look and feel. Confidence starts with loving and accepting yourself, so if you’re feeling less than fabulous it’s time to give yourself a much-needed dose of self-love.

Rather than focusing on what you don’t like about yourself (or the fact that you’re single) take this time to pamper and appreciate yourself, re-connect with friends or make new friends and focus on the positive. Focusing on the positive will not only make you feel happier and more optimistic and confident, but it will make you look more approachable, attractive and kissable too!

Focus on Real Connection

My second tips is to forget about instant chemistry and focus on real connection. Chemistry is often misunderstood. It doesn’t necessarily have to be fireworks or ‘love or lust at first sight’. Chemistry can grow over a period of time or even over a first date. You can increase chemistry through emotional disclosure and really listening to your date, sharing an emotionally heightened, novel, challenging or adrenaline pumping experience together, and through touch and eye contact.

Focus on What you Have in Common

Remember, similarity breeds attraction. We’re simply more attracted to people who are like us and share our interests and values, so focus on what you have in common. It will give you something to talk about, reduce those pre-kiss nerves and make you instantly more kissable.

Relax and Breathe

Now if you desperately want them to kiss you or trying to muster up the courage to make the first move. Relax and breathe. When we go into fight or flight the saliva in our mouth dries up, we go into limbic arousal so we find it hard to think straight this can really get in the way of our confidence and that kiss. So, relax and take two deep breaths, it will stimulate the parasympathetic system, and the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed and kissable you’ll feel.

Change Your Focus

If you’re struggling with dating or first kiss nerves, change what you’re focussing on. Your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, others and what you chose to focus on affects all of your interactions and relationships. Quite simply, we see what we focus on. So, rather than focusing on what could go wrong, turn the spotlight on them and focus on making them feel comfortable. You’ll reduce those pre-kiss nerves, and make them and you feel more comfortable.

Stay Present

It’s easy to become distracted when you’re nervous and not quite sure how someone feels about you. But playing with your phone, bag or looking around the room can send a subconscious message that you’re not interested. Our bodies send out over 10,000 stimuli during every interaction that reveal our intentions and how we truly feel, so stay present and focus on the other person and use all of your senses to listen to what their body is telling you.

Send out Green Light Signals

My next tip is to send out green light signals that show that you like them. We’re prewired to like people who like us and who make us feel safe, understood and comfortable. In fact, a study by Dr Moore found that the more positive signals you send out, the more attractive you become. So do a mental check of your body language and uncross your arms and legs to ensure that you look open and approachable. When you feel comfortable get in a bit closer, and slowly increase your level of eye contact and touch, focus on them and let your personality shine through. You’ll become instantly more kissable.

Make Eye Contact and Smile

One of the most powerful ways to increase you kissability is to increase eye contact and smile. They don’t call eyes the windows to the soul for nothing. Prolonged eye contact heightens attractions, sends a subconscious signal to their brain that you’re interested and a shot of the adrenaline like substance phenylethylamine (released when you’re in love or lust) rushing their veins.

Keep Your Breath Kissably Fresh

Last but definitely not least, keep your breath kissably fresh. Most of us have suffered from bad breath from time to time, and it can be an embarrassing problem that can really affect our social confidence and the way we interact.

Bad breath can be caused by a number of factors including diet, underlying health conditions, medication, oral hygiene and lifestyle habits such as smoking. But while it can be a dating and kissing deal breaker, it doesn’t need to put a permanent dampener on your love life.

Look After Your Teeth

Give your teeth a bit of love with a visit to the dentist, brush and floss regularly, adjust your diet and habits if you need to, adopt a healthier lifestyle and avoid smoking and avoid garlic and onion before that big date and keep your breath kissably fresh with a sugar free breath freshener before going in for that kiss.

Keep Hydrated

Keeping hydrated and drinking lots of water will not only help you with your digestion and breath it will also help to keep your lips kissably soft. If your lips are still dry ramp up their kissability by exfoliating and moisturising regularly.

Katia Loisel

Katia Loisel

Katia Loisel is an internationally recognised dating, relationship and body language expert with over 19 years experience in the TV Industry. She is the co-author of the bestselling How To Get The Man/Woman You Want and has conducted a widely published five-year global study into dating and mating patterns. A sought after media commentator, spokesperson and host, Katia has been interviewed over 1,000 times by media outlets worldwide. Her production credits include programme creation, development and production of various dating and relationship related TV shows for the Australian and US market and a global online ‘how to’ campaign for the dating and relationship market that generated over 12 million views. Katia is the Founder of The Love Destination, and is on a mission to empower and inspire, bringing more love and good news into the world.

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